Hope Solo Reflects on “Biggest Mistake” of Her Life After DWI Arrest

Solo said her experience in treatment was “both awful and great,” adding that the day before she entered the facility, she experienced her first panic attack. She said that the morning she left to begin her rehab stay, her twins “waved goodbye with Grandma on our front lawn.”
She added, “Watching my kids wave, knowing they had no idea how long I would be gone, not understanding that I won’t be returning that evening or the next day, broke my heart. I smiled and waved out the window, then bawled when I could no longer see them around the bend.”
She and her husband made up a story for her children to explain their mother’s absence. “We had decided to tell the kids that Mama was going fishing,” the athlete said. She added that she spoke to her family remotely while in treatment.
Solo said that she was one of eight women treated at the facility. As she checked in, she was drug tested and her luggage was shifted through and thrown into a dryer. She said she broke down in tears at her first communal meal.
“Today,” she said on her podcast, “I am grateful for my 30 days away to read, think, pray, mediate and learn.”
Solo continued, “There is no shame if we struggle with alcohol or addiction. Thank you to the beautiful men and women who taught me this.”

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