House of Ho Clip: Watch Washington Live Out His Kanye Fantasy

It always pays to have a side hustle. 
In this exclusive clip from the second season premiere of HBO Max’s House of Ho, premiering Aug. 24, Washington Ho doesn’t let his professional ambitions get in the way of his music industry fantasies. 
“My father-in-law’s dream is to own a car dealership,” his wife Lesley explains. “So now Washington is selling cars to learn the business.”
Never a bad idea to follow in dad’s footsteps.
“Working in a job where I have a boss?” Washington questions. “It’s weird.”
OK, not off to a great start.
There’s still hope for Washington, however, as he explains, “But each day I work there is one step closer to the dream of owning a car dealership.”
That’s the spirit!
As he prepares to leave for another day at the dealership, Washington says, “I’m gonna go sell some cars, make some money and be king of da Ho.”

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