I’m a catfish and trolls hate me because of my amazing transformations

TikTok user @sarahthesassystoner is trolled for her amazing beauty transformations, but she doesn’t mind.

Her nearly 350,000 TikTok followers love her videos, which feature tips on everything from how to keep wigs in place to what makeup products work best — but some online trolls have accused Sarah of being a deceptive catfish.

The TikToker receives brutal comments about her natural appearance and makeup transformations but she said that she doesn’t let it bother her.

TikToker @sarahthesassystoner is accused of being a catfish after showing off her shocking makeup transformations online.

Instead, negative feedback becomes the inspiration for her next video.

Sarah has made several clap-back videos showing off her talented makeup skills and stunning transformations while jamming out to her favorite music and displaying some of the hateful comments she gets.

In one video, Sarah begins clean-faced with her short, red hair pushed back. She continues on to fill in her eyebrows and uses several bright eyeshadows to create a stunning rainbow look. Sarah then adds false eyelashes and finishes her makeup off camera adding a blond wig with cascading curls.

Throughout the video, Sarah dances along as a comment on the screen reads: “And THIS is why I hate make-up, even though I’m female. All yall fake.”

The video ends with Sarah flicking off the camera with both middle fingers while also pouting, as she’s completely transformed into her blond rainbow look.

In other videos, Sarah completes other stunning makeup looks with similar hateful comments copied over the video.

“I know of actual catfish that look more appealing,” one reply reads.

“Can you imagine the guy that gets a girl like this at the club and wakes up like…jeez what year is it,” another person wrote.

Sarah doesn’t let the hateful comments bother her and has fun brushing off her haters in viral videos.
Sarah doesn’t let the hateful comments bother her and has fun brushing off her haters in viral videos.
The TikToker posts makeup and wig tutorials online to her more than 345,000 followers — most of who love her transformations.
The TikTok artist posts makeup and wig tutorials for her more than 345,000 followers — most of whom love her transformations.

Some of the comments are a bit more vicious, with one TikToker commenting: “This should be illegal and punishable by death.”

But despite the cruel comments, Sarah claimed she receives an overwhelming amount of support and love from the majority of her viewers.

“I’ll never understand women bashing other women. You keep slaying it like the queen you are,” one fan said, while another commented, “Not people being sensitive because they don’t like the way they look and they aren’t talented enough to do their makeup like this.”

“This makeup requires mad skill & talent. It’s literally art on ur face. Its supposed to make you look different! Gave us 2 different types of gorg!” a supporter replied, hyping Sarah even more.

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