I’m a plus-sized teacher and my students beg me not to eat them

Kids will be kids — and nobody knows that better than school teachers.

A proudly plus-sized kindergarten educator is going viral on TikTok for revealing the vile — albeit sometimes hilarious — things her students blurt out about her body.

In a multi-part series, a good-humored TikToker who goes by the name SueStyleVibes posted a video in which she’s dancing while sharing the clueless comments she gets from the kiddies.

“I’ll never run out of material for these. 😂 #educator #educatorlife #whatkidssay#justlaugh #laugh,” she captioned the funny TikTok.

Sue noted that some children beg her — “please don’t eat me for lunch.”

She also revealed that some kids have explained to her: “There are two types of people. Some have a line body. Some have circle bodies like you.”

Another tot told her once that she looks like Ursula, the purple-colored supervillain from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.”

Some of these eagle-eyed elementary students even clocked the hair on her legs — and they couldn’t help but open their mouths.

”You have prickles on your legs,” one child spouted off, adding that it looked ”like the grass outside” their apartment building.

Another one of Sue’s students declared: “I can sit on you — but you can’t sit on me.

“Please don’t eat me for lunch,” she then joked, referencing a statement another ill-mannered kid blurted out one time.

“There are two types of people. Some have a line body. Some have circle bodies like you,” Sue shared as an example of the statements her pupils have made about her body.

Other comments the children have said to her include: “your arm feels like a stress ball” and “you’re the prettiest girl in the world.”

Sue’s fans guffawed over her video and took to the comments their hilarious reactions.

“The way I would get defensive and roast a small child 💀,” one teased.

Another person wrote: “This had me howlin, kids have no filter. One time a kid pushed my belly and squealed ‘SQUISHHYYYY* 🤦🏽‍♀️.”

“The thing about kids, it’s usually quite innocent. it’s rarely meant as an insult unless they are much older,” another of Sue’s fan’s chimed in.

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