Jon Bernthal Is Out For Revenge in Trailer for American Gigolo

Revenge has never looked this good.
Jon Bernthal is a man on a mission as Julian Kaye in the first look at American Gigolo, premiering September 9 on Showtime.
“Since I was a kid,” Julian says in the trailer, “I could always just be this other guy who does what he’s got to do.”
After being exonerated from prison after 15 years for a murder he didn’t commit, he knows exactly what he’s “got to do.”
When Julian is told the murder was done by “a killer for hire,” he knows he’s been set up. “They’re still out there,” he insists. “It’s not over.”
Julian tells his friend Lorenzo (Wayne Brady), “I think I want to go back to work again.”
But those in his inner circle warn him that he’s about to get involved in some very serious business, saying, “I would never mess around with people that powerful.”
Something tells us he’s not going to listen.

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