Natalia Dyer Recalls How She Ended Up in Hannah Montana Movie

You’ll always find your way back home to your first acting role.
Natalie Dyer may be well known for her role as Nancy Wheeler on Netflix’s Stranger Things, but the 27-year-old actress got her start in a place far, far away from the Upside Down: Hannah Montana: The Movie.
Back in 2009, Natalia made her acting debut as the character Clarissa Granger, a British super fan of Hannah Montana (who also happened to be the daughter the film’s villain, Oswald Granger.)
How did she land the gig? Natalia shared that it happened while she was growing up in Nashville, Tenn.
“It wasn’t a huge film town at the time and then, this sort of major production was rolling through,” she explained during an Aug. 11 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “It was a big deal. Everyone was very excited.”
She continued, “They had these two British like twin roles that they decided to cast locally and somehow I, yeah.”

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