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News Anchor Neena Pacholke’s Cause of Death Confirmed

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In the wake of her passing, her colleagues have shared emotional tributes to mourn the loss. While delivering the news on-air Aug. 30, News 9 chief meteorologist Justin Leow shared images of Pacholke from her early days of working at the station and noted how swiftly she became a part of the community.
“I know why I’m extra sad about Neena’s passing, and I know why you—the viewers—are also extra sad,” Leow said, “because she came here and she wanted to stay here.”
He added, “And that is something really special for someone to come here, from outside, and think that ‘Central Wisconsin is so nice, I’m going to stay here and I’m going to work here.'”
Meanwhile, Pacholke’s co-anchor Brendan Mackey described her as an “incredible friend” in a Facebook post.
“You were batman and I was robin. When I joined WAOW you made it clear we were going to work hard and compete with the best,” he wrote. “Let’s remember Neena Pacholke for the beautiful person she was. The brightest light in the room. The biggest smile and the funniest laugh.”

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