See JoJo Siwa Reunite With Avery Cyrus While Battling Strep Throat

Avery Cyrus proved she’ll be by JoJo Siwa‘s side no matter the distance.
Avery took viewers with her as she hopped a plane to be with JoJo, who has been under the weather with strep throat, just days before they went TikTok official with their romance.
In a TikTok posted to Avery’s page on Sept. 10, a text message conversation between Avery and JoJo was shared where the Dance Moms alum wrote, “I’m sick 🙁 I need a hug please.”
Avery noted in her reply that although she would love to give JoJo a hug, she is currently in Florida. But let it be known that the 22-year-old made it happen. After catching a flight—and practicing her hug stance in various parts of the travel journey—Avery ended the video with a clip of her and JoJo in an embrace.
The sweet moment might just be the perfect remedy to make one feel better—especially while still on the mend. On Sept. 14, JoJo shared that she is still sick with strep throat despite plenty of water, antibiotics and lots of chicken soup.

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