The Bachelor’s Bekah Martinez Is Engaged to Grayston Leonard

“He proposed only two weeks later, the day after Valentine’s Day and I was like, ‘This is so sweet, but now is just not the time. I’m still super hormonal. I’m in the thick of post-partum,'” she explained in a follow-up TikTok. “Also, our relationship still wasn’t in the best place. We had a lot to sort through, a lot we had to talk through, and I also didn’t want an engagement and a marriage to just be because we had a baby.”
She continued, “I wanted it to be something special that was a commitment that we both felt like we wanted to make to each other. Just between the two of us.” 
However, Bekah hinted that her feelings had changed since then after the couple welcomed their son Franklin, 2, in 2020.
She added, “We have two kids together, we’ve sorted through a lot in couple’s therapy and now I feel ready to say yes.” 
And that she did! 

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