The Dropout Almost Ended With Elizabeth Holmes at Burning Man

Meriweather wanted to show the couple’s journey to the festival, but the universe had other plans.
“It was weirdly a blessing in disguise because with COVID, we were definitely not going to Burning Man,” she explained. “We had to rethink that whole ending, and it just became her getting into an Uber, which totally worked.”
The fact that it all worked out so well is made even more impressive in that Meriweather said she went into the finale with a major case of writer’s block.
“I was really afraid of writing the finale,” she admitted. “I kept putting it off. I’d been putting it off for way too long and Hulu was like, ‘You need to write this finale!’ It was definitely hard for me, like, ‘How do I wrap this story up in a way, when it’s ongoing?’

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