Why Meghan King Calls Jim Edmonds’ Latest Wedding the “Greatest Gift”

Now that’s a promo. While Meghan made it clear she is single at the moment, she “is ready to mingle and I’m putting myself out there.”
In fact, she’s opening up about her love life on a UD App special with celebrity relationship coach Nicole Moore. Airing Oct. 27 on BSpoke TV, Reality of Love brings Meghan and other Real Housewives—including Peggy Tanous, Elizabeth Vargas and Tiffany Moon—together to discuss the ups and downs of marriage on the small screen.
“I think that reality TV is basically a mirror. And for individuals on the show, it highlights weak points,” Meghan said. “You can either take that and feel empowered from that information or you can fall apart. And in the case of my marriage, it fell apart. If both parties aren’t willing to look at themselves in that reality TV mirror and see themselves for who they are and make the adjustments that need to be made, then the relationship is not going to be able to progress. And that’s what happened.”

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