Will Smith Teases His Return To Social Media After Oscars Slap

Will Smith is following his animal instincts. 
After taking a social media break following his actions at the 2022 Oscars, the actor seems to be itching to get back online.
On Aug 19, Will returned to Instagram and posted a video of a baby gorilla poking a large adult gorilla. In the clip, the baby gorilla nervously walks up to the adult gorilla and pokes its back before running away. The baby gorilla does again and the adult gorilla runs after him in anger.
The video was captioned, “Me trying to get back on social media.”
Will’s fans quickly took to the post’s comments section, sharing their approval of the idea. “We will welcome you back man!,” commented one fan. “We’ve missed you! Everyone goes through s–t. You’re human, just like the rest of us! COME BACK WILL!”
Another wrote, “We all make mistakes. C’mon back bro.”
Even the famed dog whisperer Cesar Millan weighed in, commenting, “ANIMAL KINGDOM IS WITH YOU WILL.”

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