YouTuber Joel Haver Addresses Claims That SNL Stole His Sketch

Joel Haver is setting the record straight on that Saturday Night Live sketch.
After Oct. 1’s season 48 premiere hosted by Miles Teller, eagle-eyed comedy fans noticed some similarities between the episode’s “Charmin Bears” sketch and a July animated video posted to YouTube by Haver called “Toilet Paper Bears.” In both clips, a father bear disapproves of his son going to college and not getting into the family business (a.k.a. wiping their own butts), instead wanting to dance. Additionally, both mother bears side with their husbands in the sketches. SNL‘s sketch starred Teller as the concerned son, Kenan Thompson as his father and Heidi Gardner as his mother. 
After receiving comments from concerned fans, Haver addressed the claims in a response video posted Oct. 3 that has already racked up over a million views. After calling the two videos “very similar,” the YouTuber went on to say that he understands where similar lines of thinking can occur.
Because there’s so much content online, Haver said it’s “inevitable you’re gonna do something that’s already been done.”
“I don’t think it was malicious,” the filmmaker explained. “It was either a subconscious borrowing from somebody on their writers’ staff who saw my video, or it was a wild coincidence.”
A source close to the show confirmed to E! News that it was “parallel thinking” from the writers’ room.

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