Minimalist White Wedding Dress Alternatives to Wear in 2022

Minimalist White Wedding Dress Alternatives to Wear in 2022

Wearing this gorgeous minimalist white gown by RtA got me thinking about my own wedding dress… I opted for a traditional gown,
a corseted number with a large crinoline skirt. It was beautiful, but heavy and uncomfortable. I couldn’t move in it easily, let alone walk or dance. So if I had to do it again, I would definitely choose a minimalist gown,
something very much like the dress I am wearing in today’s post.

Comfort aside, there is another reason to look into wedding dress alternatives in 2022 and that is economic and environmental impact. Sustainability is certainly an important aspect to consider when you’re buying a wedding gown. Second-hand is of course an option, but if you wanted to go with a dress you could wear again and again,
minimalist design is something you could consider.

A simple dress like this is something you could style and restyle for different occasions. For today’s look, I paired it with my favorite Bottega Veneta square toe sandals and an oversized blazer. I love maxi dress/oversized blazer combo because it is such a chic pairing. Yet, if I was styling this dress for a wedding, I would have opted for a silver or white evening shoes (like this pair for example or this one) and a pretty silver clutch.

Modern brides want to be comfortable, they want to move freely and enjoy their special day, and having the right dress is key. I’ve added a few beautiful minimalist white wedding dress alternatives to my MY SHOP INSTAGRAM page, so check it out if you’re dress shopping right now.


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