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Ring expert: What celeb jewelry is really worth

How to re-create it on a budget

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Ring expert: What celeb jewelry is really worth, how to re-create it on a budget

Ring expert: What celeb jewelry is really worth, how to re-create it on a budget

It’s no secret celebrities have more cash to splash on a dazzling diamond ring than the average person — but how much do you think the jewels are really worth?

One expert has revealed the actual cost of the bling — and, better yet,
he’s also found a way to re-create some of the pricier pieces for a fraction of the cost.

Michael Fallah, 36, from Sydney, runs his own jewelry business where he creates designs for clients who typically spend $4,900 to $13,900 per piece.

Fallah launched a TikTok account to share his knowledge with fans,
including videos in which he estimates how much celebrities’ engagement rings are really worth.

Starting with Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement ring — which she received from now-husband Travis Barker — Fallah estimates the ring is worth around $1 million.

Michael Fallah explains how to recreate a celebrity engagement ring for less.

The expert reveals his opinion on the true value of celebrities’ engagement and wedding rings. Jam Press Vid/@michaelarthurdiam

Kourtney’s ring features a 12-carat oval diamond, set in platinum,
and features a thin diamond band,” he says. “I would estimate [it’s worth] around $1 million.”
To replicate the ring, he recommends fans start by looking for an oval diamond.
“A 2- to 3-carat will range from $13,900 to $38,000,” he told “Opt for a thin diamond band, select platinum and then you’re done.”

He recommends lab grown diamonds to keep the cost down.
He recommends lab-grown diamonds to keep the cost down.
Jam Press Vid/@michaelarthurdiam

As for model and actress Nicola Peltz’s ring — she recently wed Brooklyn Beckham — the emerald cut ring is estimated to be worth around $346,200.

“Brooklyn Beckham proposed with an emerald cut valued at $242,340,” Fallah explains.

“But after getting married, Nicola upgraded to an oval-cut diamond with 8 to 10 carats, worth roughly $969,360.”

“It is complemented by her wedding band, which is roughly $470,832.”

Nicola upgraded to an oval cut diamond when she got married.

Nicola Peltz upgraded to an oval-cut diamond when she got married. Jam Press Vid/@michaelarthurdiam

If you don’t have a million dollars or so lying around, Fallah says lab-grown diamonds are a great way to bring the cost of wedding rings down.

“Lab-grown diamonds are chemically the same as natural diamonds,” he says. “We have been able to copy the natural process of a diamond being formed in the earth with machines.

“I would suggest all the diamonds including the side diamonds to be lab-grown to bring the costs down and make it more achievable for the average individual,”
he continues, before saying you could re-create Nicola’s engagement ring for $13,848.

Fallah also has a look at Paris Hilton’s huge jewel — a 24-carat emerald with trapezoid accent diamonds — which he estimates is worth a huge $3.4 million.

Revealing how to get a ring like the hotel heir, Fallah says to “select an emerald cut for the center stone. A 1- to 2-carat would be worth roughly $4,900 to $13,900.

“Add a small trapezoid or baguette diamond on either side,” he explains. “Select platinum for the middle and voilà — you’re done.”

TikTok users were in awe of the dazzling diamonds and the expert’s insight into the cost and re-creation.

“So interesting,” one user wrote, while another declared they’re saving the TikToks for future reference.

“Did not know this!!!” marveled one dazzled viewer. “Amazing.”

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