Stylist warns these summer looks could make you appear tacky

Sometimes it can feel like all fashion rules go out the window once the sun starts to shine.

In the hot weather it can be tempting to just throw on your trusty denim shorts and flip flops and call it a day.

But that’s actually the last thing you should do, at least according to fashion stylist Jess.

The Parisian-style lover often posts fashion tips on her YouTube channel.

It turns out there might be more rules for summer dressing than any other time of the year, especially if you want to avoid looking cheap and tacky.

Speaking to Fabulous, Jess revealed some of the things you should under no circumstances wear this summer and what to put on instead.

Things to avoid

The style guru confessed: “The worst item of clothing a woman could wear in the heat would have to be a polyester top.

“You’ll boil from the inside out and probably have the sweat patches to show for it.”

A professional stylist reveals how to dress well while staying comfortable in the summer heat.

And if you’re jetting off abroad, or braving British beaches, definitely don’t wear heels or wedges with your swimwear, Jess says “it’s like fingernails on a blackboard for me”.

Instead, she suggested “elongating your shape with the right swimsuit, flat sandals or long kimono as a coverup”.

Avoid tight ankle straps too since according to the fashion lover “they can cut your leg off and make them look shorter”.

Stick to neutral, tan sandals and by no means wear your Crocs outside the house, they might be alright for gardening but the truth is “it’s hard to make anyone’s legs look good in them,” Jess explained.

"I think deep down we all know if an outfit is working, it’s just a matter of truly listening to that voice," says style guru Jess.
“I think deep down we all know if an outfit is working, it’s just a matter of truly listening to that voice,” says style guru Jess.

Finding a top that is flattering and won’t be too hot can be challenging.

Jess says: “If you have the abs to pull off the current fashion trend of crop tops, whatever age you are, I say style away.

“Sadly my abs are not up to the job just yet!

“For a more elegant take on the trend think about layering a blazer over the top and style with high waisted linen trousers or a skirt.”

Re-think your denim

Be careful when choosing denim shorts too, the wrong cut can make you look out of proportion.

“I search for cuts that are higher waisted and will finish at the slimmest part of my legs to help elongate them a little more,” Jess explained.

“Raw hems help to give them more of a relaxed, bohemian vibe which I like and they’ll style with just about every top you have in your wardrobe.”

“Try not to get sucked in adding trends just for the sake of it,” Jess said.

Steer clear of tacky

While your favourite mini dress might look great, the pro said: “Tight and short dresses that leave little to the imagination can often make women look tacky.

“I think there’s far more sexiness in the unsaid.

“One colour outfits are an easy way to instantly look more polished and elevated, and it’s a handy style tip to remember when you don’t know what to wear.”

“Focus on finding the highest quality staples you can afford and sprinkle in the odd trend as and when you find ones that really suit you.”

“Keep your makeup to a minimum too, a healthy glow will always look far more stylish that a heavy base of foundation,” the pro advised.

Pick your clothes carefully

Don’t think you have to break the bank to avoid looking tacky, the pro says: “You don’t need to spend a fortune to look chic.

“Be a little bit more choosy with what you decide to buy, search out beautiful fabric compositions and opt for quality over quantity every time.

“It’ll really show in your outfit ideas.”

She suggested trying “A crisp cotton poplin shirt, pleated, high waisted trousers, a classic ribbed vest top, linen dresses, a breton stripe top and a lightweight cotton or linen blazer to layer over the top.”

Jess added: “True style starts from within, forget the number your birthday card reads.

“If you feel nice in something, you feel it flatters your shape and it gives you that little spring in your step then wear it!

“I think deep down we all know if an outfit is working, it’s just a matter of truly listening to that voice.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission. 

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