11 of TikTok’s Silliest ‘Gut Health’ Trends

Screenshot: thatnextlevelgirl/TikTok

It’s true that a diverse diet with plenty of plant foods is probably better for your gut than a crappy diet—but not for any game-changing, gut-specific reason. Your gut is healthy when your body is healthy, and a variety of fiber and other nutrients are good for your gut microbes and for the rest of you. This amounts to “eat your vegetables,” and is thus not an exciting TikTok tip.

So we have to put a spin on it. While there are plenty of other clips out there suggesting you go on an elimination diet, ripping out entire food groups, I particularly liked (hated) this video that demonizes pepperoni sticks, cheese slices wrapped in plastic, and Lunchables, the one joy of my childhood packed lunches, because they have “chemicals.”

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