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15 Easy Pear Desserts – Recipes for Sweets with Pears

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It’s time to step outside the (apple) box—pears make the perfect addition to pies, tarts, and crisps. With a delicately sweet flavor that makes them great for baking and topping with plenty of homemade whipped cream or ice cream, pears are sure to become your new favorite fruit. Try our cinnamon baked pears and you’ll be forever changed.

There are tons of pear varieties to try that are in season at various times throughout the year, so you’re never too far from a delicious pear dessert. Soft, juicy, super-sweet Bartletts are one of our favorite go-to pears for baking, but crispy Bosc pears are also amazing, especially when poached. D’Anjou pears are a wonderful happy medium (both in texture and in sweetness) as well.

If you’ve got underripe pears, baking the fruit helps develop their natural sweetness and tenderizes them in the process. Consider taking those underripe pears and turning them into something spectacular, like baked pear pies, pear crumb pie, or pear, blue cheese, and maple puff pastry tarts.

And nothing is more simple, yet impressive, like a deliciously caramelized poached pear. Poached pears aren’t just for dessert, either. Properly poached pears also retain a residual acidity that balances the sweetness, which makes them an amazing and versatile ingredient for other fall dishes, like appetizers or salads, as a garnish for pumpkin soup or roasted butternut squash soup, or a surprising pairing with your favorite fall dinners, like roast chicken, braised curries, or stews.

Still hungry? We even rounded up all our favorite unexpected pear recipes, perfect for anyone who loves that mix of savory and sweet.

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