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20 Easy Toddler Lunch Recipe Ideas

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Feeding your toddler can get pretty complicated. Not to toot our own horns (okay, maybe a little), we feel pretty confident that all of these toddler-friendly and school-friendly lunches could turn any kid into a member of the Clean Plate Club. These delicious lunch ideas just might have your kids asking for seconds, especially when it means they get to have second helpings of baked popcorn chicken, pizzadillas, and air-fryer grilled cheeses.

When it comes to feeding your hungry toddler, we think the easier, the better. It doesn’t get any easier than serving up bite-sized, handheld lunches. Personally, we love anything on a stick or in a fun wrap, like our mini corn dogs, PB&J rolls, and cheesy beef empanadas. With lunches this cute and tasty, there’s zero chance any bites will end up on the ground.

Want to sneak in some vegetables into your kid’s lunch? It doesn’t get any easier (or sneakier) than making up a batch of zucchini tots, broccoli cheesy bread, or cauliflower grilled cheese. Have a busy week ahead of you? Making these ham and cheese pinwheels or cheeseburger cups ahead of time are an easy, packable lunch you can have ready for those jam-packed mornings.

We also have plenty of tips on expert tips on how to get your kids to eat better, our favorite bento boxes for kids, and healthy snacks to add to those lunch boxes. And if you’re kid loves getting involved in the kitchen, they’ll go nuts over these kids’ cooking kits, best cookbooks for kids, and play kitchen sets.

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