25 Easy Bell Pepper Recipes

Here at Delish, we are hellbent on convincing people that bell peppers are not only just great for stuffed peppers (although we really, really, really love stuffed peppers). More than a vehicle for all kinds of cheesy fillings, bell peppers add tons of fresh flavor to some of our favorite recipes, like caponata, classic ratatouille, and our extra-garlicky romesco sauce. After trying these easy, amazing bell pepper recipes, you might even be convinced they can be the star of your next dinner.

We all know and love jarred roasted red peppers, but there’s nothing quite like grilling them yourself. Sweet and a little smoky, our grilled peppers recipe takes humble bell peppers and makes them intensely flavorful and way better than anything you can get in a jar. Better yet, there are dozens of uses for grilled peppers. Add sliced peppers to your pasta salad, antipasto spread, or this sheet-pan Italian sandwich. We also love to chop them up and pile them onto crusty bread smeared with goat cheese for an easy, tasty snack or last-minute appetizer.

You may be used to red peppers being a sidekick to your favorite dishes, but we love how easy it is to make them the highlight. Consider whipping up our muhammara dip, a classic Middle Eastern dip made of roasted red peppers, walnuts, and pomegranate molasses, which adds a delectable sweet and tangy flavor that makes it insanely good with pretty much anything. Serve it with fresh veggies like carrots, celery, or with your favorite pita bread or chips!

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