Easy Flatbread Recipes – Best Flatbread Ideas

Have you seen flatbreads on some of your favorite restaurant menus and wondered what the deal is? You’re not alone. Does it mean leavened or unleavened bread? Is it basically just pizza? Have we Americanized this so much that it kind of means nothing? Basically, yes. But in losing its original definition (unleavened bread), it now kind of refers to any bread you can pile ingredients in or on, and we’re not mad about that! Flatbreads can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, and make for a great lunch or weeknight dinner. Check out our 32 flatbread recipes—they might not all be perfectly authentic, but they are all delicious.

Let’s start with the basics. Flatbreads have been around for hundreds of years, and many cultures have their own version. South Asia has naan, the Mediterranean has pita, Italy has focaccia, Mexico has corn and flour tortillas, Jewish cultures have matzo, Central America has pupusas… You could just enjoy them on their own, but they’re even better once you’ve topped them or stuffed them with sweet and savory toppings. Try our sabich sandwich, our chicken shawarma, our tostadas, our chocolate toffee matzo, or our lamb gyro for ideas, but the sky’s really the limit when it comes to fillings.

As we mentioned before, the line between pizza and flatbread is nearly non-existent nowadays (as evidenced by the confusing yet oft-used term “flatbread pizza”). We’ve included a few of our favorite basic pizza recipes, like our pan pizza or our white pizza (no red sauce!), so you can add your own toppings. Check out our shrimp scampi flatbread, our oven-dried tomato flatbread, or our cheesy spinach pesto flatbread for flavor ideas, but feel free to get creative.

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