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A wise gardener once said that all you need to grow a tomato is “sun, soil, and sprinkles.” That may be somewhat true, but growing fruits and vegetables successfully is a lot more involved. What kind of soil? How much sun and water?

Anyone who has looked at browning squash plants in August and wondered what on earth went wrong knows there are particulars that cannot be ignored when growing food crops. This chapter will take you through getting your garden off on the right foot. We’ll address how to plan and site your garden for the best harvest, amend the soil for the proper level of fertility, respond to certain pests and diseases, and provide supplemental water throughout the season. We even have regional advice from expert edible gardeners in your area, because zonal range can directly impact what you grow and how you grow it. And don’t miss the section on extending the season in the cooler months, which offers invaluable tips on getting the most out of your plot.

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