Summer Magic in Bill and Linda’s Garden

Amy is taking us along on a visit to an incredible garden today.

A visit to Bill and Linda Pinkham’s Virginia garden in each of the four seasons always charms me with new delights. Last fall I submitted photos of their garden that highlighted the value of evergreens for structure and the beauty of decay among the late-blooming perennials (The Magical World of Bill and Linda Pinkham’s Garden). Now it’s summer, and my mother-in-law and I were fortunate to visit the garden again and experience the wonder nature provides at this time of year. Linda is an avid daylily hybridizer, so there are literally thousands throughout the garden, and they were showing off. Another highlight is a whale tongue agave (Agave ovatifolia, Zones 7–10) in full bloom. I featured this plant in my previous Pinkham garden post, when Bill had told us they bloom only once and only after 12 years. With such a rare event, we didn’t expect to ever see it, so we were thrilled to find one had in fact bloomed. At around 20 feet tall, it gave a spectacular, Dr. Seuss–like display. As always, it was a joy to visit the Pinkhams and we are grateful for their unforgettable garden and their generosity in sharing it!

The huge, blooming whale tongue agave dominates this view of the garden.

garden bed full of shrubs and orange liliesAn incredible stand of lilies (Lilium hybrid, Zones 4–8) in the parterre garden

garden bed full of pink and purple flowersThe secret garden has flowers all blooming in shades of pink and lavender.

pink and yellow flowersA true lily (Lilium ‘Lemoncello’, Zones 4–8) towers over shorter daylilies (Hemerocallis hybrids, Zones 4–8) blooming in front.

garden path winding through lots of hot-colored flowersA walk through the countless blooming daylilies

pink, red, and orange dayliliesMore daylilies! When you are a daylily breeder, you have a lot of them to enjoy!

garden bed with lots of different texturesSea statice (Limonium latifolium, Zones 2–9) blooms amid clouds of tiny lavender flowers.

garden bed full of bright green and yellow plantsAn extensive collection of dwarf and weeping conifers forms the bones of this garden.

garden bed full of flowers and shrubsMore daylilies, backed up by beautiful shrubs


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