Americans love dip so much they’re eating it by the spoonful: poll

Most Americans would eagerly dive in to a bowl of dip — but hold the chips.

A survey of 2,000 adults revealed that six in 10 adults are not ashamed to eat spoonfuls of dip right out of the container.

If they must choose a side to eat it with, participants opt for tortilla chips (40%), vegetables (36%), potato chips (38%) and pita bread (32%).

OnePoll and Cedar’s Foods teamed up to find out more snacking habits in the US. They found that people love dips so much that 35% would happily replace a typical lunch meal with their favorite spread. Indeed, the average adult does this about five times a month.

As for how long it takes to finish an entire container, the average person said three sittings — though 48% overall confessed to licking it clean in one go-around.

The average adult eats dip out of the container five times a month.
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The popular spreads that respondents expect to see at parties included salsa (32%), guacamole (32%), spinach and artichoke (29%), queso (28%), Buffalo chicken (27%) and hummus (25%).

Texture plays a big part in dip discussions, the poll discovered, and feelings were mixed. More Boomers and Gen Xers agreed that smooth and creamy makes the perfect spread — 40% and 32%, respectively — while 30% of Gen Zers prefer crunchy and chunky.

Bowl of tortilla chips and dip
If respondents had to choose a side to eat dip, 40 percent would want tortilla chips.
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The great dip divide was down the middle when it came to “proper etiquette” as nearly half (46%) said that it’s more polite to serve yourself dip on a plate, rather than diving straight into the bowl.

If this tasty topic has already got you salivating, ’tis the season for a dip, says Cedar’s Foods.

“While it’s clear that people enjoy dips all year round, summer is definitely the season of dips. There is no better option for summer soirees and entertaining than smooth, creamy, and refreshing dips like hummus or tzatziki,” said Aimee Tsakirellis, the company’s executive vice president of marketing.

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