Amsterdam clinic seeks worker who can vomit on command: report

Here’s a job that really blows.

A clinic in Amsterdam is looking to hire someone who can vomit on command — and they’ve been flooded with applications, according to a report.

“There are so many [applications] that it is almost impossible to oversee,” psychologist Maartje Kroese told a local outlet, according to a report by NL Times.

The Kindt Clinics – which helps treat anxiety, PTSD and phobias like fear of vomiting, needles or heights – is seeking applications for a part-time position for the unusual skill of regurgitating at will to help people face their fears, the outlet reported.

The Kindt Clinics have received interest from roughly 100 people.
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So far the clinic has received interest from roughly 100 people for the spot that would be replacing a previous employee, the outlet reported. It wasn’t revealed how much the position of puke will pay.

The worker would help people to overcome their fear of throwing up by puking in front of them during a session so that they can confront their phobia.

Kroese posted a job listing on Facebook for the niche role.

“There are many more [applications] than expected,” Kroesse told a local outlet. “I haven’t had time to look at them all and answer them yet.”

One applicant enthusiastically wrote: “Now I can finally share my art: vomit on command! If the clinic is still looking for people, I would like to register here.”

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