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Black cabs line the Mall to mourn death of the Queen: ‘Incredibly moving’

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The news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II was enough to stop traffic in London.

Touching tributes to the late monarch have included a procession of black cabs lining the Mall outside of Buckingham Palace.

Royal family followers on social media praised the cabbies for honoring Her Majesty with their somber public display.

“Incredibly moving tribute as black cabs line up silently on the mall to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth,” journalist Paul Brand tweeted.

“One told me in tears that he wanted to pay his respects to the monarch who’s ‘all we’ve ever known’,” Brand said of one of the drivers. 

Added another, “The queen, a frequent black cab user would be proud,” one person shared.

Mourners have flocked to the streets and Buckingham Palace to pay their respects. People were “randomly singing the national anthem,” and that there were “spontaneous rounds of applause for the Queen and black cabs lining The Mall,” according to a local witness.

London black cabs lined The Mall leading up to Buckingham Palace to silently pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.
Samir Hussein/WireImage
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II passed away at 96.
Getty Images

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On the other side of the pond, the Empire State Building in New York City was illuminated in Royal hues purple and silver. And various sporting events held on Thursday night, including for the NFL and US Open, will feature a moment of silence in the Queen’s honor.

Meanwhile, tributes from celebrities and other political figures have continued to pour in.

Queen Elizabeth II passed away at 96 years old as the longest-reigning monarch in British history with 70 years at the throne.

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