Bride couldn’t get a ride to her wedding — but a kind stranger came to her rescue

It was a scene straight out of a Hallmark movie.

A bride-to-be was roaming the streets of London in her wedding dress with her team of bridesmaids trying to make her way to the ceremony.

Marksteen Adamson noticed her gesturing to him and decided to give her a ride to church.

The bride explained that they had been trying to book an Uber or a cab, but three had already canceled on them and they were currently 45 minutes late.

“I started filming as I thought it would be a great shot seeing her cross the road in her full attire,” Adamson explained in his TikTok post, which currently has almost 570,000 views.

He graciously gave them all a ride in his Land Rover and the wedding party arrived just in time.

The bride arrived to her wedding just as the church bells began chiming.

“After I dropped her off I heard the sound of the organ ring out and knew everything was going to be alright. It was a beautiful sunny day,” Adamson’s TikTok caption read.

He was even able to make friends with them as he said, “In our short time together we had lots of quick short conversations about everything and got to know each other a little better and new friendships were made.”

People in the comments section applauded Adamson’s kind actions.

“Aww this so so cute. We need more people like you,” one person said.

“Such a gorgeous bride. Well done you for coming to the rescue!!” said another.

Although he was invited in to witness the ceremony, he was unfortunately late for lunch with a friend. 

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