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Carnival cruise passenger’s TikTok of flooded cabin goes viral

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If there’s one thing you don’t want to see first thing in the morning while on a luxury cruise, it’s water creeping into your cabin from under the door.

That was exactly what happened for a group of travellers on a recent Carnival Vista cruise though, with footage showing an entire floor swelling up with water.

The Titanic-like scene was fortunately not the result of a sinking ship, but a plumbing issue that saw a ceiling cave in and a cabin fill with water.

The sheer volume of water, according to a guest who shared the footage to TikTok, caused the cabin’s door to bust open and a river to flow down the hallway.

Passengers on a Carnival Cruise shared footage of their cabin completely flooded.

According to the traveller, the ordeal unfolded on the sixth floor before leaking down onto the fifth.

They reported it was caused by a “busted pipe” which saw her group woken to a flood of water higher than their ankles.

There were “Titanic vibes for about five minutes”, she reported.

The TikTok user shared two videos, with the initial one being viewed more than 11 million times.

“Woke to water rushing into our cabin … our lives flashed before our eyes,” she captioned the clip, which showed the hallway carpet drowning in water.

A group of people were shown standing in the hallway as water lapped against their legs.

Carnival Cruise flood
The flood was caused by a busted pipe.

In a follow up video, the same passenger clarified she wasn’t “trash talking” the cruise company, only “documenting a scary experience that turned out funny”.

“We did actually wake up to this flood and water past our ankles,” she wrote.

In response to a comment, she claimed the “room filled all the way up and then bent the door”.

“The ceiling caved in and filled this room … eventually breaking through the door and filling our room and others,” she said in another.

Despite the drama, the group “still had a blast”, the traveller wrote.

Carnival has been contacted by for comment.

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