Dad tells little girl she needs to lose weight, but she has other ideas

A viral video of a father and his little girl talking about weight loss has taken Chinese social media by storm.

In the video posted to Weibo, which has been viewed over 240 million times across platforms, a little girl takes a walk along a river in Shandong, an eastern Chinese province, according to the South China Morning Post.

Her father thought she was overweight and decided to join her on a walk after dinner, Xinhua news agency reported. 

The little girl’s father then makes the suggestion that the two of them, “take a gentle stroll every day after having dinner.” 

She responds: “Is it to slim down?”

Although shocked that she caught on, the father does say that the walk is intended for weight loss.

However, she couldn’t figure out what he meant and thought the walk was for her father to lose weight — not her.

The little girl tells her father she loves him no matter what he becomes.

“You don’t have to lose weight,” she tells him. “I love you no matter what you will become.”

At this point her mother is laughing while filming the two of them.

“Why?” her father asks.

“Because you are my father,” was her response.

The video has over 81,000 likes and more than 2,500 comments, according to the South China Morning Post.

“This lovely girl has self-love and is confident, she feels comfortable about herself,” one person commented.

“When compared to our love for our children, do they love us much more? This girl proved it,” said another.

“It makes me want to have a daughter,” a person said about the clip. 

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