Elephant rescued with CPR as man jumps up and down on her chest

A heart-wrenching video captured the moment a team of veterinarians, national park staff and volunteers had to perform CPR on a large mother elephant as her baby nervously squealed.

The incident began when the team successfully rescued a baby elephant that had fallen into a manhole with its mother on Wednesday in Khao Yai National Park, Nakhon Nayok province in central Thailand.

The one-year-old calf fell into a drain hole and the mother refused to leave its side, guarding her baby as the young elephant was stuck, park officials confirmed to Reuters.

When the rescue team arrived, they used anesthetic shots to subdue the frantic mother elephant, but the startling commotion resulted in her halfway falling into the hole.

However, the scenario did allow the baby elephant to suckle from its mother which calmed the calf a bit.

Rescue workers had to perform CPR for a mother elephant while attempting to rescue her calf from a drain hole.
Rescue workers use a crane to lift up a mather elephant
A crane was brought out to remove the mother elephant from the hole when she passed out presumably from stress.
An elephant calf is seen inside a manhole
The baby elephant cried and attempted to climb out of the hole as its mother lay in the mud unconscious.

Rescuers then used a crane to lift the mother up, but she then fainted presumably due to stress. The video showed staff members jumping up and down on the large creature’s body in an attempt to perform CRP to resuscitate the elephant.

The calf cries out and attempts to escape the hole as it tries to rush to its mother but struggles and slips in the mud.

As part of the team continues with its efforts to rescue the mother, a construction digger is brought out to create an escape route for the baby elephant.

The young elephant immediately rushes to its unconscious mother’s side when the rescue efforts pay off. The mother elephant stands up to cuddle her child as the team quickly rushes away to allow the family to return to the wild in peace.

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