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French bulldog breeder shocked puppy was born bright green

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Doggone it!

An Alabama dog breeder was in for quite a shock when he discovered that his French bulldog gave birth to a bright green puppy.

Mark Ruffin was surprised when his dog Freya, who was supposed to give birth via C-section, managed to deliver her pups on her own.

But after one of the pups died, Freya was hurried to the vet, according to the Daily Star. She had eight in total.

As for the little one coated in the highlighter-esque hue, Ruffin believed at first that she just needed to be cleaned.

However, as the days went by, the color stayed put.

He told the outlet: “When I first saw the dog I thought it was dirty because that’s what the doctor said, she didn’t even know what it was. I got home and cleaned it about four times that night and I let the mother clean it and it never went away.”

The breeder said that “the whole situation was strange.”

Ruffin is still trying to come up with a name for the puppy and is considering Chloe.

Green-colored Frenchies appear to be an infrequent phenomenon and supposedly occur when puppies interact with biliverdin — a green bile.

The famed bat-eared, snout-nosed breed’s coats come in a variety of colors, including the extremely rare (and expensive) stone-blue hue, as well as black, tan, fawn, brindle, gray, dark brown and cream.

Lady Gaga offered a $500,000 reward for her French bulldogs after they were stolen.
Lady Gaga offered a $500,000 reward for her French bulldogs after they were stolen.
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Frenchies have been the go-to breed for many celebs, including Megan thee Stallion, Martha Stewart, Patrick Dempsey, Ty Dolla $ign and Lady Gaga.

The “Shallow” singer’s little monsters, Koji and Gustav, were unfortunately taken while her dog walker was out with them for their daily stroll in 2021.

The walker — Ryan Fischer — was shot in the chest and suffered a collapsed lung last year.

The pop star’s dogs were returned two days later by a woman who claimed she had found them and wanted the $500,000 reward Gaga promised.

However, it was later discovered that the woman was in cahoots with the group who had connections to the dognapping and shooting.

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