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Hooters waitress reveals her ‘feisty’ secrets to getting huge tips

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Tipping is a pivotal part of the service industry, and advice on how to maximize a tip is always appreciated.

A Hooters waitress shared her secrets to raking in the big bucks — saying it’s not just about how you dress, style your hair or do your makeup.

It also involves subtle interactions with customers.

Waitress Aby Lynn posted her secrets to TikTok, swearing by her tried-and-tested methods to scoring an extra dollar out of every customer.

Lynn advises, first of all, to make sure you always worry about your appearance.

“People really notice whenever you put an effort into yourself — and in your job — and that kind of goes hand in hand, [so] they tip you more,” she says.

She also says to always keep the customer’s drinks full, describing it as the “most important” thing.

“Even if they’re halfway full, bring them another one, because people are impatient,” she advises. “Keep them full.”

The TikTok user swears by her easy ways to earn more tips as a waitress.
The Hooters waitress says her methods have earned her more money.
The Hooters waitress says her methods have earned her more money.

Her next tip depends on how comfortable you are talking to customers, advising that giving customers nicknames creates a connection.

“I like to call everybody by, like, these little pet names; it makes them more comfortable [and] it makes them more attracted to you,” she said. “I always say, ‘Hey, babe, can I get you another drink?’ … ‘Hey, hon, did you want another beer?’ … ‘Hey, sweetheart, are you ready for that cheque?’

“They eat it up. I’m telling you,” she says.

She also has tips on how to charm someone if they are with a significant other or on a date — saying it’s particularly important when you work in an establishment like Hooters.

“If a guy’s with a girl, you always greet that girl first,” she said. “You pay attention to that girl, you make eye contact with that girl.”

Lynn says the only time you’re going to look at the man is “when you’re taking his order or giving him the drink.

“Always make the girl feel comfortable,” she advises. “Especially when you work in a place like Hooters.”

Having fun on the job is also a must, with Lynn saying that laughing “a lot” is vital.

“Even if you don’t think it’s funny, even if you’re offended by it — laugh,” she urges viewers. “Because they will tip you, I promise.”

Customers don’t always want a super sweet server, Lynn says, revealing that another secret is it’s OK to be sassy to customers, particularly older men — claiming that customers will be more interested in tipping a “feisty” server.

Her example was to respond “no” when a customer asks for a condiment but says it’s important to “make it obvious” that you are going to get what they asked for and always smile.

Her next tip was slightly controversial — always blame the kitchen.

“If you forgot to bring in food — that’s the kitchen’s fault,” she says, suggesting to offer something like a “free dessert” to get back in the customer’s good graces.

Her last piece of advice is to have fun — or at least look like you are — particularly in a chain restaurant where they repeatedly play the same music.

“Learn the songs, love the songs, sing and dance to the songs — give them a little lip sync, a little shimmy,” she said. “If it’s their favorite song or even if they just think you’re a good time, they’re going to tip you.”

In a follow-up clip, Lynn stressed how important it was to make every customer feel comfortable and engage in conversation.

She suggests that the more you try it, the more naturally it will come.

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