I bought a $7 thrifted purse and discovered $300 cash and a mysterious note inside

One person’s trash is another’s treasure — or their inheritance.

TikTok user @marthainfused has gone viral for her video after revealing she discovered $300 cash in a thrifted Coach bag, along with a note.

In the video — which has been viewed over 8.4 million times — the TikTokker explained she purchased the secondhand bag for $6.99 from the Salvation Army, noting it was dirty and she intended to clean it up.

When she was lifting up the bottom compartment she discovered an envelope containing $300 cash and the wild story of how it got there.

“I thought I could clean [the bag] up, so I start working on trying to take this flap out at the bottom of a purse, and there is an envelope,” she explained to her viewers.

Always check out your thrifted finds — you never know what they could contain.
@ marthainfused
The user found a note and $300 cash hidden in the designer bag.
The user found a note and $300 cash hidden in the designer bag.
@ marthainfused
She's now on the hunt to track down more of Martha's belongings.
She’s now on the hunt to track down more of Martha’s belongings.
@ marthainfused

The previous owner — who signed the note “Martha” — stated she carried the bag around every day after her husband’s mistress left it in her house when she got home early one holiday and surprised them.

“I have three children, they will give my things to Goodwill when I die. So I am putting their inheritance inside all my favorite things,” the TikTokker read from the envelope.

“I came home early from a visit to my parents’ house in Connecticut. She must have left quickly because she forgot her bag and shoes. I carried it daily, and I am giving it away because my kids don’t want it. So go buy yourself a new bag.” 

TikTok users couldn’t believe the drama one tiny envelope contained.

“Tea from beyond the grave,” one user wrote approvingly.

“Martha was clearly a badass woman,” another wrote.

“I can’t decide what’s better. The story or hiding the inheritance or all this for $6.99,” one user laughed.

The TikTok user has since gone back to the Salvation Army store to find out more about Martha, as well as asking users to keep an eye out for any Martha finds.

“OK now I can’t wait for the movie of Martha life, the little egg hunt is amazing,” one user commented, with many agreeing they would watch a Martha biopic.

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