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I didn’t realize I was pregnant until I came back from vacation — and gave birth a week later

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There are no post-holiday blues for one woman, who returned from a trip to Spain and gave birth to a miracle baby a week later.

“POV: you come back from holiday to find out you are 7 months pregnant and have a baby in a week,” TikTok user Becca Ellis wrote on the now-viral video that’s been viewed more than a million times.

Manchester native Ellis explained her situation in more detail in an Instagram video, saying she wasn’t sure she could conceive naturally as she had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2016 and went through various treatments — such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and eventually stem cell treatment — and the side effect was the possibility of her losing her fertility.

Becca Ellis gave birth to her son on July 1, 2022.

“I had an ovary taken out and frozen to preserve my fertility then after the treatment I didn’t have periods and I was told I went though medical menopause, meaning I couldn’t have kids naturally,” she recalled in a video, adding her son Elijah is a “little miracle.”

Ellis admitted she thought she’d just gained weight while she was on holiday until she started experiencing weird symptoms and knew something was wrong.

“I started getting preeclampsia symptoms in Spain and that’s when I started to notice a significant change in my body,” Ellis said. “So I put two and two together but I didn’t believe it until I got back to Manchester and took a test.”

Ellis was sent to the hospital where she underwent an emergency C-section, with little Elijah born at 28 weeks on July 1, 2022.

The new mom said Elijah was in the neonatal ward until recently but is doing well now.

“He’s done so amazing. I’m so proud of him,” the new mom gushed. “He’s come a long way — we both have.”

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