I flew across the country to meet a date – and he ditched me while I was napping

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but what do they say about flying across the country only to get ditched by your date?

TikTok commenters shared their opinions on that scenario when user @sdenoyer, who goes by Samantha, revealed she booked a cross-country flight to go on a date with a mutual friend she had only met on FaceTime.

The first night they met, they stayed at his hometown house, before heading to a hotel and brunch on the second day.

In the now-viral TikTok viewed 1.8 million times, Samantha wrote: “I flew across the country to meet a date – when I woke up from a nap he was gone along with all of his stuff,” and panned over to the empty side of the bed.

She also shared the string of text messages she “blew up his phone” with to no reply.

“This is so f—ked up,” she wrote.

“You could’ve done this earlier so I coulda changed my flight wtffff.”

The wild TikTok now has over 1.8 million views.
The wild TikTok now has over 1 million views.
Drink and dash: The girl said her date took his duffle bag — and the vodka she bought — with him.

“Also you took my vodka???” she asked, explaining in a follow-up video that the two drank and played board games before he dashed.

Samantha said she tried calling him numerous times but he didn’t pick up. Their mutual friend gave her date a ring, and he answered with loud music booming through the phone.

He responded way later and said he had a “family emergency.”

Other TikTok users had plenty of questions and comments on the wild situation.

“WHYYY do men do this someone explain,” one asked.

“First off. Why would EVERRRR buy a flight to see a guy, babes STAND UPPPP lol,” another quipped.

“Damn you are hella desperate,” another jugged.

“I cannot wait until you reach the point where you take one no response as your closure.”

Others suggested that she’d hear back from the guy in the next few months.

“3 months later ‘heeey stranger,’” another joked.

SamanthaMarie said she "blew up" her date's phone with questions about his whereabouts.
Samantha said she “blew up” her date’s phone with questions about his whereabouts.

One user even offered a helping hand.

“Are u safe do u need help or money or a friend wherever you are!?!!!!”

Samantha agreed with many of the comments, saying the whole experience was a “huge lesson learned.“

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