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I’m a bridal expert and was shocked by stunning wedding cakes — at Walmart

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Let them eat cake — but at a cheaper price.

A finance guru and wedding expert named Courtney has shared her secrets to saving hundreds of dollars on weddings — especially by keeping down cake costs.

“Wedding cakes are really expensive,” she said in a TikTok post. “Now factor in inflation and all the supply chain issues — prices are going up for those bad boys.”

In a follow-up video, the wedding enthusiast revealed a surprising source for a dollar-saving cake — the big-box retailer Walmart.

The TikToker shared a series of photos showing the wedding cakes from the Walmart website, exclaiming, “I really didn’t believe it myself!” as she cycled through the images, noting the prices start at $68 for a 10-inch flavored cake.

The TikToker was shocked at the quality of the Walmart cakes.
She couldn't believe how cheap the Walmart cakes were.
She couldn’t believe how cheap the Walmart cakes were.

The cakes Courtney displayed in her clip had three tiers, with different icing patterns on the side.

“Are you kidding with the icing like that? These flowers? It’s stunning!’ she marveled.

“There are so many options,” Courtney gushed. “I can’t be the only one that didn’t know Walmart sold cakes.”

Courtney couldn't believe the Walmart cakes.
Courtney couldn’t believe the Walmart offerings.
She showed a few ways people had decorated the wedding cakes.
She showed a few ways people had decorated the wedding cakes.

The Walmart cake also had the taste-test seal of approval from one of her followers.

“I would also like to add that Walmart’s cake is way better than the expensive bakery cakes I tried that were hundreds of dollars,” a user commented on the video.

Courtney, who works on Wall Street, runs the TikTok account thefinancebrides, where she discusses ways people planning a wedding can cut down costs without cheapening the overall look of the big day.

She offered other alternatives for brides not wanting to blow the budget on the cake, suggesting not going for a “crazy layered” cake and having a smaller cake instead — with a sheet cake “in the back” and hidden from view.

“[The sheet cake] can be cut up and give to guests,” she explained. “The guests don’t actually see the sheet cake, so in their eyes, they think that they’re getting the regular cake.”

TikTok is a haven for money-saving hacks. In April, a penny-pinching bride who vowed to keep her wedding cost under $500 sparked a heated debate over her methods after she revealed she purchased a $47 dress — and told guests to pay for their own meals.

To cut down on the cost of wedding florals, couples also are turning to renting artificial flowers for their big day, which can drop the cost by thousands, according to the founders of, a rent-and-return premium silk-flower rental service based in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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