Influencer Mikaela Testa mocked for tone deaf TikTok on LA’s Skid Row

An Australian influencer has been mocked for saying she wouldn’t get out of her vehicle because she was crying.

Mikaela Testa has been travelling the world following her split from Atis Paul, who she dated for three years, and documenting her European and American travels online.

Recently, the 22-year-old filmed a “day in the life” video while in Los Angeles, California, with a friend.

The pair rented a Tesla and spent $130 on salads before driving to the infamous Cecil Hotel, an affordable housing complex that 10,000 people call home,

The building – also known as the most haunted building in the city – is located on Skid Row, an area known for poverty and homelessness.

Testa said she was “obsessed” with the Cecil Hotel, which was the subject of a Netflix documentary, but when driving to it she broke down crying.

The influencer quickly shifted from her topic of Skid Row to comparing Australian money to American money.

“Driving through these streets was very heartbreaking, I could not stop crying,” Ms Testa said.

“I couldn’t even make it through, I was not going to get out of the car so I missed out.”

Immediately after, she asked which money was better – “washable Australian money or the American money with blood stains on it”.

Also in the clip, she gave kids selling lemonade $20 for two cups.

But, the young influencer’s actions have been mocked online by other social media users.

“The homelessness makes me cry…..which money is prettier,” one person commented on the clip.

Another said: “Did you just drive through Skid Row with a Tesla?”

A third added: “LMFAOOOO she can’t be serious.”

Mikaela Testa
Mikaela Testa was in Los Angeles on vacation.

One person went so far as to make a video response of their own, asking if she wasn’t crying would Ms Testa have gotten out of the car.

“Be for real though, if you weren’t crying were you going to get out of your car,” the TikTok user asked.

“Were you going to get out of your Tesla on Skid Row? Would you even roll down your window on Skid Row?”

The content creator added in the comments section: “I’m in no way saying she’s a bad person. I don’t think this was appropriate. I’m one person.

“I’m making a joke but in reality that video was sad to see from someone I respect.”

But, others defended Ms Testa.

Person handing money to another
The TikTok influencer enraged social media users with her video.

“Welcome to LA. There’s good and bad and it can happen to anyone,” one person said.

Another congratulated Testa, who makes her money from an explicit adult subscription site, for going to the “most dangerous block in America”.

A third added: “People don’t realise what LA is or even Hollywood is, like the amount of homeless people is sad and insane Cali(fornia) is very expensive to live there.”

One final comment said: “As a Californian thank you for showing the real side of LA … it’s not all glitz and glamour! Makes me sad how the homelessness is out there.”

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