I’ve endured many piercings — and this one is the most painful to get

A professional piercer is going viral for ranking her most painful facial holes.

In a TikTok video that has now been viewed more than 165,700 times, Charlotte — who goes by the username piercedbycharlotte — responded to a commenter inquiring about her facial jewelry.

“Least painful [is] definitely septum, followed by bridge [of my nose] — both of them were quite easy,” Charlotte, who is also covered in tattoos, shared on the app.

“The only thing I’ve found with my bridge —because my bridge is only about three months old — is with the hot weather that the UK’s been having, it’s been quite difficult. I’ve had to upsize and downsize so much because it keeps deciding to have a swell,” she added about the record-high temperatures overseas.

Next, Charlotte cited her lower nostril piercings as having increased pain.

“Obviously nose piercings are quite sharp and they make your eyes water. They’re not unbearable but they’re not pleasant,” she admitted.

Charlotte’s lip piercing — which she said was “so sharp” — ranked high on the painful scale.

“I’ve had multiple lip piercings, but it does make you look like you’ve had filler done, so that’s a bonus, I guess, for some of us,” she said in her viral video.

“I’ve had multiple lip piercings, but it does make you look like you’ve had filler done, so that’s a bonus, I guess, for some of us,” she advised.

But most of all, Charlotte said her high nostril piercings were by far the most unpleasant. She doesn’t have them anymore and admitted that she misses them — but she said she doesn’t miss the way they healed.

“I miss them but, oh my God, the swell,” she recalled. “I looked like a rugby player for two weeks.”

Other TikTok users shared the agony of their own piercing experiences in the comments, with many detailing an opposite reaction.

“My least and most are the opposite! My top lip was nothing but my septum was rough,” one commenter wrote, to which Charlotte responded, “It’s crazy how different it is for different people isn’t it?”

Commenters largely differed on the septum’s pain scale.

“My septum killed me and I’m covered in tattoos,” one person admitted.

“My septum was the least painful by far! I didn’t know he’d done it until after he said ‘worst part done,’” another declared.

“I hardly felt my lip piercing when I had it done but my septum was absolute hell,” another wrote.

“I found my lip less painful than my septum,” another stated.

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