J.Lo and Ben Affleck’s wedding has fans wondering if they should call their ex

Happily ever after could be a text to your ex away.

That’s what fans of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck believe, as many contemplate a second time around with their exes after seeing the star couple’s successful love story, tying the knot Saturday in Las Vegas nearly 20 years after they first started dating. And with their rekindled romance decades later, singles are pondering whether they should pull an ex-factor and reignite old flames while realists of the internet caution, “don’t.”

“JLo got married to Ben! Let me go find my ex. We need to discuss stuff,” user Mama KaMbali tweeted Monday.

“Your true love is your ex guys,” another user, DominicNgeleka declared on Twitter. 

Another user, Naledi M, chimed in, “Maybe the real happiness lies with our exes guys.” 

The duo tied the knot Saturday in Las Vegas.

Call it the Bennifer boomerang. While the gut inclination may be to lose an ex’s number after a bad breakup, singles looking for love may be inclined to keep it on the back burner, some cheeky Bennifer fans suggested on social media.   

“Moral of the story keep loosely hooking up with your ex every few years,” advised user @s*d.

While love may not cost a thing, per J.Lo, it can certainly take a while. The 52-year-old mom of two revealed in her fan newsletter “On The JLO”: “Love is beautiful. Love is kind. And it turns out love is patient. Twenty years patient.” And it’s giving her fans hope that down the aisle could come decades down the line. 

“JLo out here livin my dreams. Marrying her tru love in Vegas after all these years. Dear ex, if ur reading this, I’ll see u in 20 years baby,” user Reina tweeted.

The other takeaway: love wins, eventually.

“If JLo and Ben can make it work there’s still hope for me and one of my crappy exes,” Kayt Novak tweeted. 

J.Lo and Affleck, 49, met on the set of their blockbuster flop “Gigli” in 2002 and dated until 2004. Lopez went on to marry Marc Anthony, the father of her twins Emme and Maximilian, that same year but they split in 2014. Lopez started dating former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez in 2017 and got engaged in 2019 when the heavy hitter popped the question with a $1.8 million engagement ring — only to call it quits in 2021.  Affleck, meanwhile, married actress Jennifer Garner in 2005 and split in 2018. 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on their wedding night.
The Bennifer boomerang is giving fans hope that they could find love with their exes, or at least consider it.
Ben Affleck and J. Lo pictured in 2002.
J.Lo and Affleck started dating in 2002. They were engaged in 2004 before breaking up.
Getty Images

Lopez and Affleck said “I do” in Las Vegas, according to records filed in Nevada’s Clark County Court. 

While internet optimists are seeing wedding bells, realists are giving everyone else a wake-up call. 

“Please don’t let the Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck marriage trick you into getting back with your ex,” Stephanie Cob tweeted.

Tough love tweeter Leah Robberts-Mosser urged: 

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but here it is — just because Jennifer Lopez got back with her ex doesn’t mean you should. It’s not a sign, they haven’t changed, and it won’t be better this time.”

Others shared not-so-gentle reminders to leave lost love in the past. 

“JLo and Ben are the exception. Your ex is NOT your soulmate. Leave that waste man in the past pls!” chided user HotGirlChi.

Some singles worry that past flings will see Bennifer’s second-time-around love as an unwanted window of opportunity.

“My problem now with JLO and Ben especially now that they’re married is that our exes will start to think that that their future lies with us,” said user @_TshiamoS.

And, perhaps a more down-to-earth dater declared: “Just because J. Lo and Ben Affleck got married today doesn’t mean the universe is sending you a sign to get back with your
s—-y ex.”

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