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Man finds his doppelgänger on holiday in Vegas

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Things may get a bit fuzzy after a few nights in Vegas, but one man’s reason for seeing double wasn’t alcohol-induced — but instead a freaky occurrence.

Sean Douglas McArdle was enjoying a lazy float in the pool at the Flamingo in Las Vegas when he noticed a “big group of strangers were pointing [and] laughing.”

Admitting he “got really self-conscious,” he looked back at his friends, who pointed out the source of their entertainment: his nearly identical twin.

McArdle’s doppelgänger was also bobbing in the pool, looking eerily similar to him, down to the eyeglasses, caps and shirtless attire.

“I wasn’t convinced until now… we are definitely in a simulation,” McArdle wrote alongside the photo on a Reddit post, which went viral.

The two men look eerily similar — down to their eyeglasses and caps.
Reddit / @Seandouglasmcardle

“Today I randomly swam past my doppelseäner at the Flamingo pool in Vegas,” Sean wrote about finding his look-alike.

Responding to a comment on the post, McArdle admitted his identical twin looked a lot “cooler” than him.

“I immediately thought: ‘Holy s – – t that guy looks like the dude I see in the mirror,’ ” he said. “And my second thought was: ‘He looks cooler than me. Probably has real Club Master Ray Bans unlike my Zenni knock-offs.’ “

Over 2,300 comments flooded the post in awe of the uncanny resemblance, with some even questioning whether it was a random run-in.

“You two should get a DNA test. One of your parents has some ‘splainin to do,” one user speculated.

“Is there a lab somewhere growing Seth Rogens??” joked another about their resemblance to the “40-Year-Old Virgin” actor.

However, not all things were identical. When asked if the two sound the same, McArdle said, “His voice sounded like a recording, nothing at all like mine.”

A recent study on the doppelgänger phenomenon has shown that there are similar genetic characteristics among look-alikes.

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