Mom gets shamed for putting her baby in ‘heels’

These shoes were made for crawling.

A mom posted a video to TikTok of her baby walking around in high heels. 

The backlash quickly began in the comments.

“They can damage her feet, babies not supposed to be in heels,” one person said.

“Really?? Let’s completely ruin your child’s feet – what exceptional parents you are NOT,” complained another. 

Enough hate spread around for the mother to respond with a comment of her own. Apparently she bought the shoes from Build-A-Bear Workshop and it was just supposed to be a funny joke. 

“​​They ARE BUILD A BEAR SHOES THEY ARE SOFT AND HER HANDS WAS BEING HELD thank you for all your concerns,” she said.

The shoes were said to be from Build-A-Bear Workshop.

This caused a few people to take her side. “Well that’s just the best please watch the comments 😂 as if the child wears them daily 😮‍💨😂 why’s everyone so serious 🙄 it’s a joke like 🙄😂,” one person commented. 

“I get all the hate comments IF she wore them daily.. I’d so put builder bear shoes on my girl for a laugh 😂 but she’s 18 now,” another commented.

But this didn’t convince everyone that this was still an acceptable way to dress her child.

“Even if play shoes, they are just horrid,” said one of the comments.

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