My husband and I have saved $31K on rent by living in an old ambulance

A woman has shared how she renovated a decommissioned ambulance and saved a whopping $31,200 on rent by living in it for the past two years.

Raychel and her husband Nick, who live in Canada, document their daily lives while living in a van to their 157,000 followers on TikTok.

In a recent video, Raychel walked viewers through how much the renovation cost for their tiny home on wheels — which has been set up with a full-length queen mattress and a kitchen — answering questions about how they live in the small space.

“Our building materials — from plywood to screws, shims, cedar, plumbing, hooks and other hardware — was $835,” she says in the video.

“Our power system, including 630 watts of solar, our inverter and AGM batteries was $1,260,” she explained.

Raychel has lived in the van for two years and has saved tens of thousands of dollars.
TikTok / notluxe
Raychel bought the decommissioned ambulance because it fit the size and budget she was after.
Raychel bought the decommissioned ambulance because it fit the size and budget she was after.
TikTok / notluxe

“We didn’t have any sheets or furniture before van life because we were living out of backpacks,” she continued.

“To furnish everything, including our bedroom and bathroom, was $277, bringing us to a grand total of $8,794 to buy, build and furnish our van.”

She also answered questions about how she makes money and pays for holidays, saying she works temporary and seasonal jobs while she’s on the road and cuts costs by “living minimally and finding cheap travel deals.”

The couple have a toilet in the van but they don’t have a shower, saying they bathe at the gym.

Raychel said she loves living in the ambulance, despite people constantly asking her is it is haunted.

“More people should consider ambulances,” she says in a clip, adding they come insulated with floors and lights already installed, and it’s easier and cheaper to renovate than most other vans.

The couple said they love the van life and although there are ups and downs, it’s worth it.

“Because your lifestyle will open up to a million possibilities,” Raychel said.

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