Princess Di Facebook group issues strange ‘self-love’ warning to members

The Princess Diana Facebook group has just been issued its final warning.

There was a viral post in Princess Diana – Keep Her Memory Alive (NO TROLLS ALLOWED) that informed its 61,000 members to “Please DO NOT, for the LOVE OF GOD, announce to the group when you are going to masturbate,” according to the Daily Star.

The user claimed that this was a “recurring issue” and doesn’t understand why the entire group needs to be informed of their plan to pleasure themselves.

“No one is going to be impressed and give you a high five (especially considering where that hand has been),” the user continued, calling the people posting childish and immature.

Although the Facebook group claims its goal is to pay respect to the “People’s Princess,” there is now a new rule forbidding these dirty posts.

An admin had posted this message to users as a “final warning.”
Facebook/Princess Diana – Keep H

“I don’t want to add this to the rules, since it would be embarrassing for new members to see that we have a problem with this, but it is going to be enforced as a rule from now on,” an admin of the group posted.

Some users agreed with this rule.

“I didn’t think humanity could stoop as low as to discuss masterbation [sic] on a Di’s tribute page. But you lot managed to pull it off,” someone commented.

Unfortunately, the rule doesn’t seem to be very effective and has only encouraged more posts along the same line.

One user at least stayed on theme by mentioning Princess Diana. “She’s got some beautiful photos. Great stress reliever after a long day at work,” they said.

“Feel a spicy w*** coming on,” said another with a fire emoji.

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