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For such a simple product, a peg rail can solve a surprising number of storage problems. It can easily hold a mountain of coats, as well as various other essentials — hats, bags, umbrellas, brooms.

“It’s a really smart object to have in the home,” said John Arndt, a founder of Studio Gorm, a product design studio in Eugene, Ore.

Consider how the Shakers used them in the 18th and 19th centuries, said Mr. Arndt, whose studio has produced Shaker-inspired products and exhibitions. Members of the Protestant sect routinely ran peg rails all the way around rooms, “and they designed things to work with the peg rails,” Mr. Arndt said, including drying racks, candlesticks, clocks, mirrors, bed curtains and chairs.

You may not need to hang your chairs, but a short peg rail in a foyer or mudroom could help you find storage bliss, especially if there are items you want to show off.

“You can hang up your necessary things,” Mr. Arndt said, “and make a wall display.”

  • Does the shape of the pegs matter? “The nice thing about the traditional Shaker peg is that it holds things really securely with that mushroom cap,” Mr. Arndt said. “But it really depends on the look you want.”

  • Where should you install a peg rail? Entryways and mudrooms are common places to hang peg rails, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use them in a casual living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

  • Can you make your own? Yes, with some basic tools, it’s fairly easy to build a custom rail for your space with a long board and prefabricated pegs, Mr. Arndt said.

Beech peg rail with natural or walnut finish

From about $30 at Modern Home by Bellver:

Steel rail with maple pegs

$129 at Schoolhouse: 503-782-6118 or

Powder-coated steel peg rail available in various colors

From $99 at Room & Board: 800-301-9720 or

Simple birch peg rail

$30 at KonMari:

Reproduction Shaker peg rail available in multiple lengths

From $59 at Shaker Shoppe: 717-626-9461 or

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