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Soccer boy melts hearts with heatwave lemonade stand

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Soccer boy melts hearts with heatwave lemonade stand

Soccer boy melts hearts with heatwave lemonade stand, gets teary surprise

In the middle of an extreme heatwave, one kid attempted to raise money for the soccer trip of his dreams with a lemonade stand — and got the surprise of his young life.

Lexy and Austin Burke, who regularly raise money on their popular TikTok account through “Venmo challenges,” were out to lunch in Nashville, Tennessee, when they spotted a young boy selling lemonade.

Feeling inspired by his worth ethic, the couple fund-raised more than $1,000 to gift to the boy, captured in a heart-warming video.

For the past two summers, the couple has wanted to donate a large chunk of cash to a lemonade stand but had been unsuccessful — until they met Niko.

Standing in 102-degree weather, Niko set up a lemonade stand on the sidewalk in an attempt to raise money to go to Portugal with his competitive soccer team.

“It’s a lot of money,” Niko, who plays central attacking midfielder, tells the couple in a now-viral TikTok with 10.1 million views. “So my dad wanted me to pay at least half of it.”

The Burkes stumbled upon Niko’s lemonade stand in Nashville, Tennessee, where he was raising money for a soccer trip.
@ lexylately

The Burkes, who already had $400 from previous donors in their Venmo, racked up a grand total of $1,100 for Niko in under an hour, inspired by how “hard” he seemed to be working.

“It’s so good,” Lexy says of the lemonade, taking a sip. “How much is it?”

After telling them it costs $3, Niko says he’s got “plenty of change,” not knowing what was about to come next.

Niko, who was only just visiting Nashville, was trying to raise money to pay for half of his trip to Portugal with his soccer team.
@ lexylately
Niko on TikTok counting cash and hugging Lexy
Niko was blown away by the couple’s kindness and generous gift.
@ lexylately

“We’re going to give you this,” Lexy says, handing him a wad of cash in an envelope. “Keep the change.”

Niko, who had been standing in the scalding sun for hours, was blown away by their random act of kindness, jumping up and giving her a hug immediately.

“What the heck!” he says, stunned, thanking them over and over. The chunk of change was a third of the cost of his trip, which is really all his dad wanted him to raise.

“You guys just helped me go to Portugal,” he says, grinning, as the couple cheers.

Niko hugging Lexy
Niko immediately wanted to call his dad and tell him the wonderful news.
@ lexylately

Niko whips out his phone to call his dad on FaceTime, explaining he was visiting from Washington, DC, since his “poppa” had a heart attack.

“There’s no reason I should have been here,” Niko said. “But it’s crazy that like I was here at this time.”

Afterward, the couple called their act of kindness their “favorite” fund-raiser that they’ve done yet — and just one look at the comments shows it was everyone else’s, too.

“He was keeping his money in a boggle box,” wrote one person.

Lexy Burke
The pair called this their favorite donation yet.
@ lexylately

“Omg the way he asked to call his dad,” chimed in another.

“Him ‘I have plenty of change,’ ” commented someone else with a laughing emoji.

Austin Burke
The couple runs a shared TikTok account where they rack up generous tips and donations for others.
@ lexylately

“Currently crying… y’all are amazing!” said another.

“You can tell this kid has such a genuinely good heart,” added another user.

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