Spot the diamond ring in this optical illusion and you’re a hidden gem

This diamond in the roughage is throwing the internet for a “loupe.”

Competitive puzzle enthusiasts are straining their eyes trying to solve this optical illusion, in which the object is to find a hidden gem on a farm.

The visual treasure hunt, originally posted on Reader’s Digest by jeweler William May, challenges viewers “find a lost diamond ring in this garden” — like a human metal detecting device of sorts.

This task seems especially difficult as, at first glance, the colorful illustration depicts a pastoral farm scene with carrots, a few bunny rabbits, flowers and a wheelbarrow with seemingly no diamond in sight.

Still cant spot the sparkler? Keep scrolling for the big reveal.

[Warning: Spoilers Below]

Hint: The ring is so small viewers seemingly need a jeweler’s loupe to locate it.

Fortunately, WM provides some handy tips on spotting the karats amongst the carrots.

“Note: This puzzle is not to scale,” they write, adding that “the ring’s band is yellow, and it has a good-sized white diamond.”

Still can’t find the diamond in the roughage? Not to worry, William May includes a spoiler image below that shows the infinitesimal bejeweled band wrapped around one of the carrots between a wheelbarrow and the last sunflower on the right.

This isn’t the first visual jigsaw to throw puzzle lovers for a “loupe.” Last week, brain teaser buffs blew a gasket trying to solve this compilation of trippy illusions, which included a snake camouflaged in a tree, and a butterfly hidden amongst a pile of leaves.

Thankfully William May provides a handy spoiler on finding the carrot amongst the karats.
Thankfully, May provides a handy spoiler on finding the carrot amongst the karats.

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