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Wedding dress optical illusion is a ‘Rorschach test’ for the sharp-eyed

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This bridal dress has a veiled optical illusion.

Viewers are in hysterics over this photo of a woman in a white wedding gown, which appears to depict a very silly image, among other things.

First posted on UK bridal dress bazaar Stillwhite, the sartorial sight test has since been shared on Reddit, where it’s going viral.

[Warning: Spoilers below]

On its face, the nuptial attire appears to depict nothing but a series of abstract embroidered objects. However, as the Reddit poster pointed out, a second inspection reveals that hidden within the ornate pattern is the face of a “grumpy old man” with circles for eyes, an oblong design as the nose and a lace frown.

Not all Redditors agreed with their assessment. “It’s a Rorschach test in a dress!” exclaimed one puzzle lover. “Fun game for all the guests!”

Many users saw the face of a grumpy old man.

Meanwhile, others claimed they saw various animals, with one user writing, “I see a bat.” “I see a dragon tbh,” said another, to which a commenter responded, “A Chinese dragon? Cause that’s what I see.”

One jokester quipped, “Fun right up until you get caught staring at the bride’s chest.”

Speaking of optical-illusion couture, celebrities including Bella Thorne, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Marlo Hampton and Kylie Jenner are turning heads with scandalous new dresses screened with photorealistic prints of the nude female form.

And last month, Khloé Kardashian squeezed into a curve-hugging nude catsuit that made her look as if her body was emblazoned with tattoos.

Other redditors saw everything from dragons to bats camouflaged within the intricate lace.
Other Redditors saw everything from dragons to bats camouflaged within the intricate lace.

Optical illusions such as this are often just intended as a lighthearted diversion from the stresses of modern life — but they also hold actual scientific value for medical professionals. These brain teasers are credited with helping researchers shed light on the complex inner workings of the human mind and how it reacts to its surroundings.

Gustav Kuhn, a psychologist and human-perception expert at Goldsmiths at the University of London, once declared that illusions are important to our understanding of the brain: “We typically take perception for granted, and rarely think about the hard work that underpins everyday tasks, such as seeing a cup of coffee in front of you.”

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