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Wedding guest in gold dress accused of ‘stealing’ attention: ‘I would never’

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Everyone knows it’s poor form to wear white to a wedding, but where does a slinky gold gown stand?

One influencer found out the hard way when people called her wedding attire inappropriate, sparking a major debate over her strapless, champagne-colored number.

Influencer Erika Wheaton posted a TikTok of herself and her partner, posing before a wedding in New York in which she showed up in a strapless, gold satin Bec & Bridge sheath.

However, the five second clip of the couple — which has been viewed over 250,000 times — prompted hundreds of comments that argued whether or not the dress was wedding appropriate.

While some told the 25-year-old she was trying to “steal” attention away from the bride with the sexy number, and charactered the color as too close to bridal white, others maintained it was perfectly acceptable.

Users were divided over whether or not the dress would photograph gold.
Some followers said in comparison to the bride's gown, it was nothing close to white.
Some followers said in comparison to the bride’s gown, it was nothing close to white.

“Ur lucky the bride was so relaxed abt it, I’d crack,” one user told Wheaton.

“As a southern woman I WOULD NEVER my grandma would clutch her pearls. Way to close to white and bridal for a wedding,” one woman wrote.

“That will photograph white. How incredibly disrespectful,” another said.

Others came to Wheaton’s defense.

“I’m a bridal stylist and that dress is NOT white lmao,” one user wrote.

“Nothing about this dress screams ‘look at me,’ ” another pointed out. “The dress is clearly champagne tf. Her man has on a white shirt.”

Wheaton told she chose the dress because of how “simple, elegant and timeless it is.”

“Never did I ever think this dress was inappropriate for a wedding. I could not imagine wearing a white dress on someone else’s day and this dress, simply, is not white,” she said.

The wedding guest later posted a follow-up TikTok, viewed now over 1.4 million times, with further evidence that the gown had clearly photographed as gold.

Responded one follower, “People are so dramatic lol.”

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