Woman climbs into McDonald’s drive-thru to cook her own order in viral video

Sometimes people go to desperate lengths to get their hands on burgers and fries.

A woman in a now-viral TikTok video climbed through a McDonald’s drive-thru window to get to the kitchen so she could cook the food herself.

The clip posted by the user, @greergreer, said that because the fast-food employees ran out of gloves, they could not take any more orders due to sanitary concerns.

She asked for the manager’s permission to begin her “first day of training” so she could make her own order. 

The video has since received almost 682,000 views and over 120,000 likes.

“Lady climbs thru McDonald’s window because we’re not taking anymore orders CAUSE we have no gloves,” the caption said.

The clip then transitions to her entering the kitchen, complete with an outfit consisting of a dress and heels, as she gets excited to learn the restaurant chain’s process.

A woman took matters into her own hands and demanded to cook her own food at a McDonald’s drive-thru.
TikTok/ greergreer
A screenshot from TikTok
No one tried to stop the woman once she entered the kitchen.
TikTok/ greergreer

Most of the employees are seen in the background trying to hold in laughs because of how determined the woman is for McDonald’s.

However, there was no footage of her actually cooking and viewers are hoping she got what she wanted.

“So did she get her miccy Ds or what …” one person commented.

Others were glad that there was finally positive interaction between fast food employees and their customers. A previous incident resulted in one McDonald’s employee making a customer leave the drive-thru because of how rude he was.

“Finally all laughs and no fighting 😂 good to see people cool and chill we all need to be understanding often,” another person commented. 

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