Coyote attacks toddler in front of horrified dad outside Los Angeles home

A 2-year-old Los Angeles toddler was attacked by a coyote that dragged her by her feet before the tot’s frazzled father rescued her, horrifying surveillance video shows.

In the Friday footage, the little girl’s dad is seen packing up the family’s black SUV outside their Woodland Hills home as a coyote sneaks up on the unsuspecting toddler.

As the animal runs up to the little girl, she’s seen being knocked off her feet while the coyote tries to drag her away by her legs.

The child’s frantic cries alert her dad, who rushes over, scoops her up and shouts at the crazed coyote.

“I heard her screaming and crying and I thought she fell down and I saw the coyote was there,” her dad, Ariel Eliyahuo, told NBC 4.

The panicked pop can then be seen picking up a plastic water bottle and throwing it at the coyote.

The child’s mother, Shira Eliyahuo, ran frantically from the front door to her daughter’s aid.

“I saw her pants were stained with blood, then I took them off and noticed they had scratches,” she said. “We had to get a rabies shot and just hope everything is going to be OK.”

The coyote left scratch marks and blood on the child. She was tested for rabies afterwards.
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The harrowing broad-daylight attaack was captured by the family’s Ring doorbell camera.

The couple has lived in their Los Angeles neighborhood for three years, and say though they frequently spot coyotes and other wildlife in the community, the animals are usually afraid of people.

“There are a lot of coyotes here we see but they usually run away,” her mother said.

The little girl sustained non life-threatening injuries and was treated with a rabies shot, but is still too frightened to go outside, according to her parents.

California officials took the young girl’s bloody clothes in order to match the DNA with the coyote so they can trap and euthanize it.

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